New York Supreme Court Denies Appeal from Facebook, Involves Issued Warrants

By : Francis - 2017-04-25

A New York courthouse declined the appeal of Facebook against almost 381 warrants for information from its own user accounts. From the explanation of the courthouse, it is not possible to appeal if there is a refusal to suppress the issued warrants in criminal proceeding, as stated from the report of

On the other hand, the decision of the New York State Court of Appeal did not reveal any major issue on where they found the searches unconstitutional and on whether Facebook is willing to stand against the warrants in behalf of its valued users.

The proceeding however restricts the subscribers from learning about the warrants under the ‘gag orders.’

“This case undoubtedly implicates novel and important substantive issues regarding the constitutional rights of privacy and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and the parameters of a federal statute establishing methods by which the government may obtain certain types of information,” Judge Leslie E. Stein wrote for the majority as quoted by the news.

She added that, “We have no occasion to consider, and therefore do not pass on, the merits of the parties’ arguments regarding Facebook’s standing to assert Fourth Amendment claims on behalf of its users, whether an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her electronic communications, the constitutionality of the warrants at issue, or the propriety of the District Attorney’s refusal to release the supporting affidavit.”

The decision of the highest courthouse on Tuesday explained that the Court of Appeals found stated that it has no jurisdiction to hear the appeal of Facebook over the issued warrants, which the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. obtained.

The voted ended at 5-1 and rejected the appeal of the popular social media network website.

The latest decision likewise proved the defeat of some advocates for Internet privacy and other social media companies online. Apple, Google, Twitter and Microsoft had been very vocal in supporting the appeal of Facebook.

In July 2013, the Manhattan prosecutors ordered the social media giant to hand over the necessary information from people suspected as fraud criminals, according to the report of Reuters. It added that the court charged almost 62 users after the investigation later on from the 134 submitted court documents.

The criminals targeted some retired firefighters and police officers who suffered from health issues after the World Trade Center attack back in September 11, 2001. The stealing of information involved fraud case of Social Security disability too.

The reported news added that the New York Supreme Court requested Facebook to comply with the issued warrants after it ruled out that the social media network giant has no capacity to assert any privacy expectation. Furthermore, the court declined the challenge of Facebook to non-disclosure clauses of the warrants because disclosing the issues to the subscribers means jeopardizing the ongoing investigation or probe.

In line with this, the popular social networking site believed that the district attorney went far of not allowing its users to learn about the existing warrants.

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